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In Memoriam

Philip Rose 1961- 2023

In December, we said farewell to Phil Rose, our Chief Investment Officer and one of the founders of Martello Asset Management in 2019. His sudden and unexpected passing has left a great hole in many lives.

Phil’s investment career spanned more than twenty years and it was clear to all those that knew him that he loved his chosen field with a passion. He was the architect of an investment process for researching companies that became the cornerstone of the successive businesses where he worked. It ultimately led to some very satisfied investors and a following of investment professionals who admired his thinking and loved his ability to present it in a unique and entertaining way.

Often accompanied by a bottle of his favourite Rioja, his anecdotes and bonhomie were a natural extension of his warm personality and will be sorely missed by all of those who spent an evening in his company.

As our colleague and his close friend, Gary Hill has said, “We remember him best as a family man and always behaving kindly and with generosity to others, no matter what the circumstances. He was truly of great mind and heart. We were privileged to work with him and be a part of his life.”

We extend our deepest sympathy to Phil’s wife Caroline and his children at this very difficult time.