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Segregated Portfolios

We offer clients a focused range of Global Equity and Global Balanced strategies denominated in both US dollars and Sterling. The minimum investment is £750,000 or US dollar equivalent. These segregated portfolios are constructed using the same methodology as applied in our Fund product. They include individual equities or a blend of individual equities with fixed income ETFs and funds.

Martello Global Equity Strategy

The Martello Global Equity Strategy aims to provide a high level of total return, driven by capital appreciation and continuous investment. This will involve exposure almost exclusively to growth assets, such as equities.

This strategy is a high conviction, global portfolio of leading, quality companies. It is constructed on a bottom-up basis, from quality companies selected from the developed markets of North America, Europe and the UK that have passed a rigorous, rules-based selection process. 

How to Invest

The Global Equity strategy is available as a segregated portfolio in US dollars or Sterling with an initial investment sum of $£750,000, via your selected custodian.

For investment amounts below this, the Martello Global Equity Fund should be considered as an alternative.

Martello Global Balanced Strategy

The Martello Global Balanced Strategy is a moderate risk portfolio designed to provide a combination of capital growth and wealth protection, without full equity market volatility.

This is a multi asset portfolio with exposure to equities reflecting the Global Equity strategy as far as possible and fixed income assets accessed either via collective investment schemes or exchange traded funds.

Investments will be balanced between a moderate weighting to growth assets and a similar weighting to stable investments such as sovereign and high quality corporate fixed income assets.

How to Invest

The Global Balanced strategy is available as a segregated portfolio in US dollars or Sterling with an initial investment sum of £750,000 or USD equivalent via your selected custodian or investment platform.