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With more than 100 years of collective industry experience - decades in which the world and investment landscape have transformed and continue to evolve, we have aimed to drive long term performance by analysing and understanding the current drivers of performance.

Purposeful Investor Alignment

Our core purpose is to deliver consistant returns and high quality service - aligning with how investors are thinking in new ways about how their capital is handled.

Culture of Independent Thought

Martello was designed to be different; thinking and acting independently throughout the investment process.


A different outcome requires a different starting point and for us that starting point is independent thought.  We think differently when selecting and managing investments.  We are guided by experience, observation and application of a rules-based approach broadening traditional academic investment theory.

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Martello Asset Management Limited (Martello) was established in Jersey in 2019.

We are a new, independent investment management business, bringing together plenty of 'hands-on' experience from the investment mangement world, both in terms of managing investments - and also successfully building and running a financial services business.  We believe this combination of skill sets provides the bedrock upon which we are able to understand our client's investment needs and to deliver relevant and successful investment solutions for them. 

Martello is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission.​​​​​​​

Latest News

Market Commentary - October was a negative month for equity markets as unsettling conditions spooked investors. The US election is days away, and frantic, last minute campaigning is producing uncertainty.

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1 November 2020

Market Commentary - 2020 will not be remembered as a dull year for
investment markets. As the year draws to a close let us reflect briefly on some of the stats. On six individual months, the US equity market experienced excessive volatility with an increase or drawdown in excess of 5%.

1 December 2020

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Market Commentary - 2020 was a year of rolling change. At the start of
January, investor sentiment was positive and 2019 had been far stronger for investment returns than originally expected. Trade talk rhetoric between the USA and China was abating and an election year loomed in the USA.

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1 January 2021